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Alexander Barrett explains himself after boiling comments about Mary Lynne Juncas

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Tony Vaughn
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This Sunday in Everyone is talking about itKing Alexander Barrett’s clown was on fire!

He told a bold joke about Marielope Wolf and Emily Beggin (More details here), which upset Jay A I provoked Jay Goodwin at the beginning of the show.

He also spared Mary Lynne Junkas on the Radio Canada group to talk about his new show wonderful spring Mary Lynn.

On the other hand, it must be said that she was the one who started it. I set off for Jose Gaudet, who had just left The week ends well : ” You can kind of take turns like Alex a little bit, with people less interesting than Danny Turcot “.

I still love the confidence of a girl with 30,000 reviews He replied. ” I’m glad the snippet has gone to everyone talking about it so people know you have a show… “.


See the excerpt below.

Alexander Barrett himself explained the next day in A story : ” It’s always clear in the name of humour. People I don’t like, I don’t bother them!!! “, he wrote.

In a post entitled When #TLMEP looks like ‘Roast Battle Mary Lynn Juncas said: I give this point to alex_barrette 👏🔥”.

For her part, Ariane Moffat wrote: Thank you by the band for the extra bar 😂🙌 (Damn, that dog was that calling @alex_barrette) “.

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