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All Kinds of Potatoes, Gaetan Benoit’s new music project

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Through the words of this children’s formula, we discover the variety of potatoes that exist, from mashed potatoes to roast potatoes as we pass by the dancing potatoes.

The light and humorous song is clearly intended to entertain young audiences, but also to teach them new vocabulary. The inclusion of different types of potatoes also informs the listener of the diversity that exists in our society.

Due to Gaetan Benoit’s cancer, French artist Véronique Poulin (Vaero) lent her voice to the recording.

Although the music and video for Potatoes of all kinds New, Gaetan Benoit has been carrying the song in his backpack for quite some time now.

It’s a song that I sang for many years with my nieces and nephewssays Francisco. It’s just a song to answer that I enjoyed with the little ones, whether in the family or at school.

The joy of singing and entertaining the youngest can be felt with the participation of a children’s choir from Ecole Heritage School in Valher, Alberta.

It’s great if the songs have the voices of children who are having fun and enjoying the experienceThe artist explains. We hear them laugh and scamper a little and that’s nice.

The music video was filmed in the basement of Gaetan Benoit.

Photo: Gaetan Lamari

To produce the video, Gaetan Benoit contacted his friend Gaetan Lamarie. For the latter, Potatoes of all kinds It represents the creative complicity between Mr. Benoit and his wife Catherine Deniset.

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To be able to make a music video with them, play togethersays the videographer. There are no words to describe it.. great happiness, great fun for me.

Create for kids

With the release of this new song, Gaetan Benoit announced that he is also working on the upcoming release of a new children’s music project. The latter will include six songs: four new songs and two already on his previous album, The other side of the continent.

after l [premier] The album, I still had some songs in my pocket and I wanted to share themFrancisco explains. But I wasn’t sure I could because my health was deteriorating these days and I knew I couldn’t play it or sing it… But I called some friends…

Friends answered his call.

To implement this new project, Gaetan Benoit was able to count on the support and cooperation of Alexis Normand, Véronique Poulin and Francis Marchildon.

Greetings on the ice

In addition, the city of Edmonton, where Mr. Benoit lived for several years, will pay tribute to him. The rink will be renamed in his honor.

It’s a little embarrassing, but it’s a great gesture from my community which I obviously accept, but with a lot of humility.explains Mr. Benoit.

Francisco was one of those who helped run the place. He also participated in the creation of a hockey project for the youngest of them.

With information from Raphale Frigon

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