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All QMJHL teams will participate in the qualifiers

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The QMJHL Qualifiers will have two different starting points, depending on the origin of the teams, and can run until June 15th.

Since the season for the Quebec-created teams will end on April 2, the qualifiers will start in the Quebec divisions in six days. The six teams in the Maritimes division will begin the play-off tournament on May 4, three days after the end of their regular schedule.

In Quebec, the first round, from April 8 to 15, will see the third-place team compete against the team that finished sixth, fourth and fifth, in the best round of five qualifying matches. .

Teams ranked 1st and 2nd will receive a pass and face the winning clubs in the qualifying round in Series Four of Seven.

The winners of the previous round will face the quarter-finals. The higher ranked team in the Western Division will play against the lower ranked team in the Eastern Division, and vice versa.

The two quarter-final winners will advance to the semi-finals.


Additionally, the six teams from the Naval Division will qualify for the qualifiers by following the following scenario.

Clubs ranked 6, 5 and 4 will play individual knockout matches.

The sixth-placed team will face the fifth-place team on May 4. The winner of this game will play one more knockout match against the team that finished the season in fourth place on May 5th. The winner will advance to the next round.

The highest ranked team in the Division will face the winner of the Singles’ Elimination Games. The teams that finished second and third will compete head-to-head in a series of three out of five.

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The quarter-finals will feature winners from the previous round in a series of three out of five.

The semi-finals and the President’s Cup

The semi-finals will bring together two teams from Quebec and one from Maritimes in a six-match Robin Tour.

If a tie occurs between the second and third places as a result of the conclusion of this tournament, a single elimination match will be played to determine which team will advance to the President’s Cup Final to face the club from the first place.

The Presidents Cup Final will start three days after the last match of the semi-final round at Robben and end no later than June 15.

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