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29 Coronavirus deaths in 4 days in Haut-Garonne

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On Tuesday evening, the regional health agency ARS Occitanie presented its latest assessment of the coronavirus epidemic. The stats are bad. The third wave is here.

Covid19 is now spreading rapidly in the Occitanie Region. The report submitted by ARS shows an increase in cases across all departments. 1,463 patients were hospitalized Tuesday evening due to severe forms of the Coronavirus, an increase of 124 from Friday. Of these patients, 293 were placed in intensive care. Again there is a sharp increase of 32 in just 4 days. In the entire Occitanie region, 3,564 people have died of Covid19 infection since the start of the epidemic. Since Friday, 117 people have died in the hospital sector.

Haute Garonne Division is now severely affected by the third wave. In just 4 days, 29 patients died of Coronavirus in hospitals. In 13 months, 689 people died in the hospital sector. 341 patients were hospitalized on Tuesday evening (+32 in 4 days) including 72 in intensive care (+9).

Since the start of the epidemic, France’s Public Health Authority has recorded 92,935 deaths as a result of infection with Covid19. In total, more than 4.2 million people tested positive in France for just over a year. Worldwide, the balance sheet appears undervalued 120268 427 Confirmed cases and 2 659802 Death from them 577 310 in Europe.

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