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Aloette | The honeymoon is over

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Two years ago, Kharry Jones and Vernon Adams Jr. came out of nowhere. Jones was the offensive coordinator until Mike Sherman was fired after a training camp. Adams Jr. started this camp in the fourth tier in the team hierarchy.

Miguel Bogold

Miguel Bogold

So the beautiful 2019 season was as unexpected as it was refreshing. After years of progressive disinterest in Jim Bob and the incompetence of his successor, Kavis Reed, Jones and Adams took over the team at any moment and brought them out of their coma.

Like the other eight teams in the Canadian Football League, Aloette hadn’t played a game for nearly two years when they started their season on August 13. We can excuse the game’s rust and fragility, especially since there was no preparatory meeting, which is really undesirable in a sport that relies so much on synchronization.

It went on for a long time, but the honeymoon was over.

For the first time since becoming Alwette’s head coach and starting quarterback, Jones and Adams Jr. are under pressure to win. That’s what club fans expect after the 2019 renaissance, which was more or less two years ago.

The Alawites have to find their way to go on Friday night in Toronto. Their talent compares favorably with most of the other clubs in the ring and it’s time to prove it. Everything was said and repeated. The gains should now start to build up.

Air game indicated

The Alouettes’ private teams have had their ups and downs so far, but they’ve been doing just fine overall. The defense wasn’t perfect, but overall it kept the team in their matches. With the exception of the match against Hamilton, William Stanback and the running game did what was expected of them, and the same can be said of the offensive line.

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The air game remains. It’s easy to blame it all on Adams Jr., who has been able to deliver better and worse this season. But the receivers can certainly play with more fighting spirit and consistency, and as the offensive coordinator, Jones could certainly be more creative in letting Adams find his comfort zone.


Jary Jones, Montreal Alois coach

Jones was asked if the air match was indeed to blame for his team’s disappointing start to the season on Thursday. He replied that the whole team needed to play better, which is never wrong. Suppose, however, that Jones wants the quarterback to hatch as much as he can while he’s having a bad time. With an emotional young quarterback like Adams Jr. This is the only possible strategy.

However, in the opinion of the majority of observers, it was the attack that represented the strength of the Ales this year. There have been new faces in almost every defensive position, but attack will carry the team on its back in the early part of the season. It will not go as planned.

The importance of home advantage

It’s still early in the season and Aloyt still has as much chance of winning the Serie A championship as any other team. However, if their passing game does not improve, a simple participation in the playoffs is not at all guaranteed.

Such a scenario would be disastrous for the organization.

Since taking over the club, Gary Stern has certainly suffered significant financial losses due to the pandemic. Obviously in 2020, but this season too. Let’s say a playoff on home soil in a few months’ time would pay off a lot. For this to be the case, birds should occupy first or second place in the east.

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Currently, the Tiger-Cats and Argonauts have two wins and one more win in a row. The Aloits have games on hand, but if they lose on Friday night in Toronto and October 2 in Hamilton, the situation will get even more complicated. The Sparrows could be lucky to play 4 of their 14 matches against Ottawa…

Again, it’s too early to talk about a playoff round, but even Jones agreed that there must be a sense of urgency within his squad. “Time to play as we know we can play, and through the four quarters.”

Chris Jones is back

Two weeks ago, the Argonauts announced that their defensive coordinator, Glen Young, and their defensive back coach, Josh Bell, had left the team for personal reasons. In all likelihood, this is because they did not want to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

This led to Chris Jones returning to the Canadian Football League, a brilliant defensive strategist in three-point football if any. Jones didn’t have many friends in Saskatchewan when he quit his job as head coach for the Roughriders a week after signing a contract extension…he was supposed to become an assistant for the Cleveland Browns.

After two seasons in the NFL, Jones became the head coach of the high school team for Tennessee State (South Pittsburgh High School), a position he called a “dream job.” His dream job became an advantage when Argos driver Ryan Dinwiddy contacted him.

However, Jones won wherever he went in the CFL. He will lead the Argonauts’ defense starting Friday.

“He’s always tweaked his playing system to fit the crew of players he has on hand. Khary Jones explained on Thursday that he was very fond of pressing and attacking early in his career as a coordinator, which he wasn’t after.

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Good news for the Alouettes, Jones and Argos won’t be able to count on midfielders Henoc Muamba and Cameron Judge, which could give Stanback another good game. But sooner or later, Als’ passing game will be over. In treble football, it could hardly be otherwise if you wanted to win regularly.

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