Already hassle between Domi and Tortorella?

New Columbus Blue Jackets striker Max Dome appears already on guard with coach John Tortorella.

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Thursday evening, in the first game for Ohio club of the season, the former Montreal Canadiens representative remained on the bench for the final five minutes in a 3-1 loss to the Nashville Predators.

During his Friday press conference, the pilot was asked if he had had a discussion about this with the skater. Tortorella simply replied, “No.”

In his debut match as the Blue Jackets, Domi remained on ice for less than 13 minutes, making him the third-least used striker by his coach. He was eligible to appear on ice six times in the first period, six in the second and five in the third. The midfielder did not collect any points and ended the match with a -1 difference.

“I want more effort and more cohesion in the attack.” “I can name you guys, but you know who they are,” said Tortorella in particular during the press conference that followed his club’s defeat on Thursday.

Remember, last October, CH sent Domi and a third round to the Blue Jackets, versus striker Josh Anderson.

Suppose the latter made a better impression on Domi in his debut match with his new team. Wednesday evening against Toronto Maple Leaves, Anderson hit the goal twice.

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