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Alzheimer’s disease: unfiltered videos of his father for awareness

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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As a caregiver, she exposes the truth about the illness her father Jack suffered through social media. All without fuss, without taboo As you say, to reach as many people as possible.

His videos uploaded to the Tik Tok app garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

In one we see his father, Jack Gemond, who invites his reflection in the mirror to follow him. Cindy Gaymond was crying.

Me and my sisters, we looked at each other and came with teary eyes and goosebumps… Talking about it, I still had the shivers. This is where we see that the disease progresses and that there is no “return to it”.

More than 153,000 Quebecers suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Cindy Gemond realizes that many others will face this reality. Within 10 years, the Alzheimer’s Association estimates that the number of affected people in Quebec will increase by 66%.

If the diagnosis came as a shock to the Guimond family in 2018, today Trifluvienne wants to remind relatives of people with the disease that we can remain happy despite the disease, Let’s see it differently because they bring us so much she adds.

« We put the sadness aside and go ahead with it, we have no choice. »

Quote from Cindy Jemond

tangible resource

Cindy Gemond has a close-knit family and considers herself one of the franchises. You should be well surrounded when you are going through an illness like this . This is also what motivates her to reveal her reality in the light of day, like a somewhat informal, but no less tangible resource.

Without a doubt, you are doing a useful job. Daily she receives testimonies from Internet users who are affected by her videos, and who are sick from near or far.

The world realizes that they are not alone, because there are many people who answer, and many people are living in the same situation as we are in reality as you say.

The nurse-in-training receives calls from nursing professors who use her videos as teaching materials in their classrooms. From theory to practice, there is nothing more tangible than seeing a man, in slow motions, dust off the walls of CHSLD with an old apron. Cindy Gemond shows it all, without trying to hide reality.

« When I receive messages in which I help people, this is the best gift. »

Quote from Cindy Jemond

For her, Alzheimer’s disease involves a series of bereavements, but it remains positive for the future. You must not leave it. I know the disease is not easy, it is day by day, savoring every moment This is the recipe for happiness.

The mother of the family receives the support of her relatives in her approach. Of course, Jack Gemond did not agree to reveal his daily life in this way, but Cindy Gemond is convinced that he would give his consent knowing that the businessman throughout his life gave various reasons, not to mention, she said.

To know that he is so exposed on social networks, but for a good reason, to help people … would be very happy! I tell you he is one of the most generous men you could ever know in your life. .

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