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“American Underdog”: “I Believe in Destiny” – Zachary Levy

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After family superhero Shazam, Zachary Levi faces off against Kurt Warner, the soccer player whose strength of character continues to inspire today.

“Welcome to 1988,” Zachary Levy said in the early moments of this QMI phone interview. “It’s good not to be on Zoom,” he continues. Indeed, the pandemic requires, that human communications now pass through computers.

“The inability to have normal contact with the crew was what bothered me the most about filming ‘American Underdog.’ Wearing a mask changes human relationships, and it changes the way we interact with each other, especially for children,” continues the person who spent the winter of 2021 in This sports biography collection.

“American Underdog,” which can be translated as “American Outsider,” the “underdog” given to be a loser, is the biography of Kurt Warner, who became the St. Louis Rams quarterback and best player of the seasons. 1999 and 2001 of the NFL. Rejected by the Packers, Kurt Warner, who worked in a food store before joining the ranks of the Arena Football League, is also the story of his love for Brenda, embodied in Anna Paquin, a former “Marine” whose relationship with Zack develops Hayden Zaller, one of Brenda’s disabled children who he later adopts.

“I was already in touch with Andrew and John Irwin, the writers and directors, for another project we were developing. But I wasn’t free. When I became one, they called me back. I knew Kurt’s story from seeing her as a football fan at the time when I was 19 years old. Reading the text, I was immediately interested.”

Apparently Zachary Levi met and met Kurt Warner, Brenda and the children – the couple now have seven children – and met them. “It’s a very strange situation, the actor confirms. Yes, we’re intimidated, we feel like we’re carrying the weight of expectations. But Kurt and Brenda have been so amazing. They’ve supported me and been a great resource to answer any questions I might have throughout filming.”

Far from the love that unites the family, Kurt Warner never gave up on his dream of playing in the NFL, even at the height of major crises or family drama.

“Yes, I believe in fate. I believe in God, I believe that everything that is alive is interconnected, and indeed, I believe that coordination leads to the future. Kurt knew since his childhood that he had to play football. And I understand that feeling. When I was When I was young, I knew I had to be an actor, to do exactly what I’m doing now, which is to tell you about my role. I can’t explain to you exactly why I know this, but I know it.”

And for those who don’t like sports movies or football, Zachary Levy still advises them to go see American Underdog.

“It’s not really a sports movie. It’s a family, biographical, and spiritual movie that includes, by the way, particularly good football scenes. The spectators will spend more time watching the real life of these people, and if some people like the sport, it’s a lot better, that’s it. The decoration on the cake.

“American Underdog” debuted across the county on December 25.

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