“Can we give him some time?”

Cole Caufield had three points, including two, in his first professional match on Friday evening, as Laval’s missile beat the Toronto Marley’s. Although this is an overwhelming start, it’s too early to believe Caufield is a confinement savior.

At least that’s what Mike Bossi said when he appeared on the show. Dave Morissette straightforward. Author of 573 goals in the NHL, Bossy thinks the Habs potential has enormous potential, but it’s pointless to have too many expectations at this point: “Remember that players are in the MLS because they aren’t strong enough to be in the National Hockey League.”

In his opinion, the important thing is to give Caufield time to develop properly, at his own pace, so that he can arrive ready on the best hockey circuit in the world. The difference between the NHL and the NHL is important and the best thing he has right now is time: “Can we give it some time?” I don’t want to burn this player. He has confidence in his means, loves to play hockey. “

Watch Mike Bossy’s clip in the video above.

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