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An annoying huge project on the head of an owl

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The development of a massive real estate development of 495 luxury housing units on the sides of the iconic Ras El Owl Mountain, on the shores of Lake Memphremagog, is raising growing concern among environmentalists and local residents.

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Owl’s Head on the Lake, a $250 million project, is backed by several big names from Quebec, including Montreal real estate mogul Vincent Chiara and David Bensadone, CEO of Aldo.

Among the promoters, we also find Michael Zakota, an active real estate entrepreneur who had already appeared in the news regarding the illegal felling of a hundred trees on Istrei in 2010.


Screenshot, courtesy of Yannick Poppertois

Owl’s sur le lac president has received $31.6 million in assistance from Quebec, of which $25.6 million is non-refundable.

the offer J.E., Presented by our Bureau of Investigation this evening, at 7 p.m., on TVA, the veil is lifted from the impact of this apartment complex, as well as other projects in an area highly prized by wealthy Quebecers. The epidemic had the effect of exploding property values ​​near Lake Memphrymagog.


In May, President of the Memphrémagog Conservation Inc. (MCI), Robert Benoit, made a public outing to denounce what he described as the “carnage”: the construction of a road at Mount Owl’s Head to allow the construction of luxury estates at height.

“When I got there [au printemps passé]I thought I was dreaming. It was the 300-foot-high walls that were blown up. It had no meaning. You have to see it to believe it.”

A survey conducted by Owl’s Chief Owners Association and obtained by our Bureau of Investigation revealed that more than half of the area’s residents are concerned about the new development.

In an interview, Yannick Pubertois, one of the moderators responsible for the Owl’s Head Project, praised the project “ soft resort It is meant to be ‘in harmony with nature and people’.

“We have taken the environmental awareness directive,” he said.

deputy involved

Orford’s CAQ member, Gilles Bélanger, was involved in the project from the start by heading the company that bought the ski resort, while being a shareholder. But he confirmed in an interview with us that he left the ship in June 2018.

Louise Gratton and Jean Godet, an Istrian couple worried about developing a wide road at the head of Mt.

Photo courtesy Robert Benoit

Louise Gratton and Jean Godet, an Istrian couple worried about developing a wide road at the head of Mt.

“I pulled all the way because we didn’t have exactly the same vision,” he explained, noting that he disagreed with certain decisions about access to water and building at the height of the mountain.

He described the current project as a “playground” for wealthy businessmen.

“Will it be accessible to the public? Not sure.

Not to be missed, all the details about the show NS Broadcast on TVA, Friday evening at 9 pm.

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