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An expedition on the river combines science and literary creativity!

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On August 26, seven researchers and students set sail on the two boats Ecomaris An eco-feminist adventure that promises to be as exciting as it is inspiring. As they carry out their scientific assignments, they will testify through short texts of their impressions and findings.

From Saturday Elle, the crew began their journey to the Magdalen Islands, passing through Anticosti, Natashquin and Tate-a-la-Palein. Since most of them are not experienced navigators, they are accompanied by the Quartet of sailors. Anne-Marie Aslin, Chief of Mission and Founder of the organization blue organization Who supervises the expedition with Quebec Maritime Network, will continue its research on microplastics and macroplastics invading river banks. With a team of scientists on board, they will be reporting their findings and posting them on social media. Additionally, biologist Lynn Morissette will host a podcast on the expedition. Matteo Bordeaux, accompanied by the video production team, will take the opportunity to gather materials for a future documentary.

Camille Desloriers And the Katerie Lemnsboth professors at the University of Quebec at Rimouski and creative writing students Tina Lavingfrating and Erica Arsenault, will draw from the findings of their scientific colleagues and their own experiences to provide short texts and postcards to bear witness to the beauty of life on the river and its endangerment due to plastic pollution.

Bringing together an eco-feminist team of writers and scholars, it will make possible connections between disciplines that do not meet naturally in order to eventually expand the spirit and make young girls want to take on jobs. Open to other majors.

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It’s an epic journey that these women take, isn’t it? Let’s wish them good luck and be on the lookout for their writing. A little bit of the beauty of the river in their words will remind us to take care of it.

To learn more about Blue Flight, he is here.

To follow the crew’s daily life on the adventure’s Facebook page, over here.

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