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An unforgettable evening by Eric Stahl

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Eric Stahl’s debut match with the Canadians will be remembered for a long time. No one could imagine a better scenario than securing victory for his new team by scoring the winning goal in overtime.

“I enjoyed a lot tonight!” He screamed out for the new Habs takeover after the match.

Even if he plays the champions, the veteran wanted to highlight the work of his team-mates: “I clearly scored the winning goal, but I’m happy with our group match. We had ups and downs early in the game, but we kept fighting.”

When Stahl fired and flashed a light behind Mike Smith, everyone imagined it would be a crowded Bell Center. The context was perfect. The moment was amazing.

After all, the number 21 gave the confinement team their first extra-time win this season.

The main person also said, after the event, that even if he was happy to give victory to his team, he could not avoid thinking that such a moment would have been more wonderful with supporters in the stands: the energy through the screens and I can imagine the atmosphere of the place, because I know what can be. To play it here when the stand is full, especially in those kinds of moments. “

Another veteran player, Paul Byron, awarded him the winning goalkeeper, preserving a precious memory of this unforgettable evening. Toutefois, Staal a la forte impression que la rondelle lui sera subtilisée par ses enfants, mais rien n’y fait, ce qu’il a vécu lundi soir demeurera à jamais un moment marquant dans sa prestigieuse carrière moment: “Ce sera toujours Mine. Maybe my kids stole the tablet! “

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Watch the press briefing of Eric Stahl in the video above.

Corrie Berry press briefing:

Thomas Tatar press conference:

Dominic Ducharme’s press conference:

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