Anger and frustration among Russians

The Russians are having great difficulty in assembling and supplying the forces needed to seize eastern Ukraine.

Moscow is now recalling conscripts who have been discharged from military service since 2012 to undergo rapid training for deployment to combat units. They also speed up officer promotions.

Russian and Belarusian forces carry out “demonstration operations” near the northern border in the hope of controlling Ukrainian forces around Kyiv.

But new Russian offensive operations in the region are highly unlikely, and Ukrainian units around the capital continue to redeploy towards Donbass.

Troop morale

Ukrainian intelligence reported that Russian units withdrawing from northern Ukraine are gathering in camps in Russia near the Ukrainian border.

Anger and frustration would undermine their morale. Russian military companies will not be able to fulfill urgent orders due to supply chain problems that have been disrupted by Western sanctions.

Like a horde of Mughals

strikes against civilian targets such as train stationsSee the explanatory box belowAnd hospitals are not errors or accidents, but part of Russian military doctrine, as we have seen in Chechnya and Syria.

In 5 minutes: Sources: AFP,, Wikipedia. Research: b. 3D: J.H. Levasseur; Computer graphics: J.Verville

The Russian army in Ukraine is behaving like a horde of Mongols that Putin will be the new Genghis Khan.

US soldiers have also killed civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it did not encourage him.

However, Trump felt compelled to pardon some of those convicted of their crimes.

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