Never “I Love You” Too Much Justine Laberge-Vaugeois

Your relationship with book fairs?

I’ve lived some of them a long time ago without being an author. I went to book fairs before I had kids. I used to go there sometimes when I was in Montreal, but I admit that with young children, I probably saw myself less walking the salon aisles. It is still very abundant.

But it’s easier here. So I started again this year, but maybe also because I was releasing a book. I think it’s really a great opportunity to walk with the family, to see all that is being done. It gives a picture of the fermentation of the current literary culture. It is sure to become an annual staple for the whole family.

The book is currently on your bedside table?

It makes me laugh because on my bedside table is a pile of books right now. I’m too late to read! Of course, with two young children, you get tired quickly. In the evening, when I put them to bed and got to my room, I sometimes read the same page three times. But I put in so much effort and love to read so much that I come back to it all the time.

My mother gave me jungle woman It just ended and she totally wants me to read too. I think it is good that this book came from my mother, it is even more symbolic.

I really fell in love with Anais’ writing [Barbeau-Lavalette]. I have read before drop out womanThen it really bothered me. I’ve been thinking about it every day, for weeks, and months; This book accompanied me.

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Even if it was difficult, I think there is still beauty in the book. This is exactly how I feel jungle woman.

I think he looks a lot like me because I’m of the same generation as Anais. I have kids, it’s about inheritance, parents, grandparents, what we’re going to give our kids. So this I like very much. I find it really cool and I think I only read 40 pages.

Which book should you read in life and why?

I hesitated because I thought this might sound like a really cliched answer. But at the same time, I tell myself that if it is much appreciated, it is because the book still carries a universal message that affects people other than myself.

that it the alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I read this book when I was a teenager. I read it again at a very difficult time when I was in my twenties, before I started making music with David for Alfa Rococo. I was a little lost at the time, then reread it a year or two ago, because I just wanted to re-read some passages that touched me. There, I realized that I had the same book twice and that the underlined paragraphs were not the same in every book! When I read it, it came to me for various reasons. I find it good.

I also remember a sentence that says that if your dream is lucid, if you really want to achieve something, then the whole universe conspires to make your dream come true. This is the sentence that stuck in my head.

The book that should not be made into a movie?

I find this question difficult. I’ve searched my memories, I’ll trust my nose and pick the book fragrance By Patrick Suskind, adapted for cinema by Tom Tykwer. Well, it’s not a turnip. It’s really not a complete failure. But I remember not finding the character as complex as Jean-Baptiste Greenwell in the book.

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For context, I have read fragrance In secondary. Loved this book, devoured it. It is the story of a young man who is obsessed with creating a fragrance that resembles the purest perfume in the world. He is fascinated by smells in general, becomes obsessed with the smell of innocent young women, and then begins to commit crimes.

Personally, I find this book highly captivating. We are talking about the fact that the sense of smell. In my memory, it didn’t transfer well to the screen.

Close-ups of the nostrils to try and present something we didn’t need to portray in the book, I find it lacks a bit of subtlety!

Which word do you use often?

It’s not one word, it’s two or three words. that it I love you. I say this all the time to my kids even though they sometimes tell me: We know that, Mom! But I tell myself we never say it often. Especially these days, it’s okay like that.

A little girl and three hedgehogs are drawn on the cover of the book, and there are also little flowers and hearts.

Children’s book “The Hedgehog in the Belly”.

Photo: Editorial / Justine Laberge-Vaugeois

When did you come up with the idea of ​​a book title?

It’s funny because the title for my first children’s book was really the starting point for the project.

My daughter has a lot of anxiety and she told me she has stomach pain. I don’t even know where it came from. As if the canal was open at the time, this idea arose. I said : It is possible that a small hedgehog in your stomach is causing you concern.. You said she has a hedgehog in her stomach. I thought it was a good picture and attached it right away.

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As for our songs, it’s often the same thing. It is often the title that inspires everything else that will follow.

What is playing in your ipod/spotify/cassette/turntable?

I listen to Hermanos Gutierrez a lot, a lot, a lot. They are two brothers born to an Ecuadorean mother and a Swiss father, who are both guitarists. They really do draw on their Latin roots for inspiration. It’s really emotionally rich and I, it’s all about me.

I love guitar so much! It’s not for nothing that I married a guitarist! I also wrote my last two children’s books and their music.

I’ve also discovered Ramon Chicharon. He has lived in Quebec for 15 years. He is a Quebec of Colombian descent. There’s a song that I just came out with and complimented on.

I really love latin music. It feels good, I think, in the surrounding darkness. It really makes me feel good, and it makes me forget the gray of the moment.

Will sign on Saturday from 11 am to 12 noon h, in the booth 607.

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