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Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct: Big Update October 15th

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The wait is now over and the date is set next Friday for the Direct of About 20 minutes. Conference will be held October 15 at 4:00 pm (French time) Exactly a day Nintendo’s YouTube channel. This will be an opportunity to see what the developers have planned Headline for 2020 After he blew all sales records on the switch. It’s also about time that the vast majority of the community is seriously starting to get impatient with the lack of content on the game in recent months. Fans rest assured, a major update is already scheduled for November 2021 and Animal Crossing Direct will allow us to learn more about the upcoming new features.

Café de Robusto is located on the first floor of the museum. – Credit(s): Nintendo

distance Nintendo Direct September 23We already know that Robusto will return to New Horizons. The Pigeon was a regular in the franchise and specifically allowed you to deliver coffee to your favorite villagers. More than just a fun delivery function, chick It was a quiet place where Kéké held concerts and where the player could chat with some special characters. There we also learn about the love triangle between Elisabec, Obeli and Antoine. We don’t know yet what Café de Robusto will allow us to do on ACNH but several theories are already igniting the web: Can we decorate it to our liking, learn more about Robusto or even see villagers we don’t know, like at the camp site?

Amiibo Card Series 5 will be available soon.
Amiibo Card Series 5 will be available soon. – Credit(s): Nintendo

Speaking of villagers, we know that too Nintendo plans to release a whole new series of Amiibo cards. Titled “Series 5,” there’s no doubt that the latter will feature New Horizons natives: Bulloch, Jennifer, Monica, Raymond, Punk, Candy, Capri and Laura. These eight letters alone will not be enough to complete an entire series that usually consists of a hundred cards. If it is necessary to be accompanied by special characters such as Porcelette or Djason, Nintendo may plan to add about 30 additional animals to its Switch game. Maybe even new species? To find out, meet on Friday 15 October at 4:00 PM. In the meantime, you can always consult Our guide to what to do in New Horizons after reaching 5 stars.

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