Canadians Training Camp | Pieces of Raphael Harvey Benard and Gianni Fairbrother

The Canadian chose to exclude four players from his training camp on Wednesday morning.

Simon Olivier Lorang

Simon Olivier Lorang

Richard Lappe

Richard Lappe

Thus, forwards Raphael Harvey Benard, Gabriel Burke and Michael Pezzetta, as well as defender Gianni Verbrother, were conceded to Laval Rocket, in the American Hockey League. Among the lottery, only Pezzetta must be subject to exemptions prior to departure.

There is no real surprise in these decisions, as none of these players can claim a position at the opening of camp. But it can be assumed that Harvey-Pinard’s performance may earn him a callback at some point during the season.

Quebecers have made an excellent impression in recent weeks. Dominant in the club’s rookie camp, then he has emerged from the start of the main training camp. Head coach Dominique Ducharme also gave him every opportunity to flaunt his position to the left of Jake Evans and Joel Jeremiah. It faded, as the pre-season schedule progressed. His dismissal from Laval is certainly not a disavowal, he only has 36 MLS game experience.

Staying with the Canadian for so long is also a victory in itself for Gianni Fairbrother. The 21-year-old defender, pick 3NS In 2019, I arrived at the camp almost anonymously. However, he is a CH player who has seen more than five against five in pre-season matches. Calling for simple, no-frills gameplay, he can also see some action in Montreal before long if he gets injured.

Photo by Evan Poehler, The Canadian Press

Defensesman Gianni Fairbrother is a Canadian player who has experienced over five against five in pre-season matches.

Gabriel Burke can also say mission accomplished. MLS contract holder, he showed great things in training. It should come as no surprise if the Habs get him to sign an NHL contract if the attacking team is weakened.

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Finally, Michael Pesetta has made friends with fans thanks to his physical game and infectious energy. However, his offensive qualities – 10 goals in 107 MLS games – make his chances of making the National Hockey League in the short or medium term somewhat unlikely.

The Canadian obviously wants to give every chance another striker, Ryan Boehling, who continues to survive in the club’s camp despite a disappointing performance. Coach Dominique Ducharme had already called it up after that Tuesday night’s game in Toronto in which Boehling will participate in the club’s pre-season final. He, Jesse Yellonen and Alex Pelzel are the only three forwards in the test to have survived all cuts so far.

The Canadian should wrap up his preparatory schedule Thursday night at the Peel Center with a visit to Senators in Ottawa. The club will then begin its season on October 13 in Toronto against the Maple Leafs.

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