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Announcing the “Dreams and Mercedes” Partnership between Media Molecule and Mercedes-Benz

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Media Molecule (responsible for the Dreams program) recently announced a partnership with the popular car brand Mercedes-Benz.

What could this unexpected partnership represent? Come find out here…

In a recent press release, Media Molecule has announced a partnership with German car brand Mercedes-Benz, in what could be a very ambitious project.

From this partnership was born an idea called Dreams and Mercedes, a 2D narrative platform game that presents a potential future: a world where artificial intelligence does all the work and humans are free to develop their connection to creativity, nature and other humans.

“Dreams and Mercedes”

Released July 8 on Dreams, “Dreams and Mercedes” is based on the “Imagine the Future” concept, the work of artificial intelligence specialist Alexander Kadin, who made the band’s contribution to Mercedes-Benz, and Scott Vanderberg of Media Molecule.

« Dreams provides an ideal space for video game enthusiasts to craft their desired visions for the futuresaid Bettina Fetzer, Vice President of Marketing at Mercedes-Benz AG. He added: “This collaboration represents a new way to explore and create a brighter future for future generations around the world.“.

In retaliation, Siobhan Reddy, Director of Media Molecule, admitted that «The best forms of collaboration are those that result in something new, unexpected and exciting“, and this is” Mercedes-Benz was an inspiring partner in our first joint laboratory project“.

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The 8th of July will be the day when “Dreams and Mercedes” will take to the streets to give wings to freedom and creativity to the players.

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