Another step towards Quebec – Toronto TGF

Ottawa launches the process that will lead to the construction of a high-frequency train (TGF) between Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto. By the fall, the government wants to get the opinion of private companies about which model will be chosen for the train and what services will be offered. Indigenous communities will also be consulted.

The federal government expects that 90% of this new rail service will be electric. A terminal could also be set up to serve Jean Lesage Airport.

Discussions with rail companies to establish the train track and use of the rails will be accelerated.

This new infrastructure will shape another Backbones For transportation in Quebec, the President of the Treasury Council and Member of Parliament for Quebec, Jean-Yves Duclos, confirmed, referring to the tram project that is under development.

The TGF will be able to reach a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, thus saving 30 minutes of travel between Quebec and Montreal.

a Envelope nearly $500 million More than 6 years have already been allocated to VIA Rail in the federal budget that was introduced in April in order to start infrastructure work to improve liquidity in certain parts of the network.

More details to come…

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