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Any future for the Ambassador Bridge?

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The agreement specifically provided for the granting of a 1.2-hectare site, located near the Detroit River in Detroit International Bridge Corporation, who wanted to acquire the area in order to build a second deck for the Ambassador Bridge next to the existing building dating from 1929.

The decision was made by the city despite repeated warnings from legal counsel Lawrence Garcia who made it clear that Detroit was facing potential legal action.

One irrefutable fact, in July 2015, the city entered into an agreement with Detroit International Bridge Corporation. Let me remind you that this House publicly approved the land swap six years ago by a vote of seven to two., It is to explain.

Six years ago you said you make promises, some conditional, and if the conditions are met, you will continue with the process. These conditions are now met.

Quote from:Lawrence Garcia, Legal Counsel for the City of Detroit.

Despite Mr. Garcia’s objections, at the end of a sometimes stormy meeting, the Municipal Council decided, by 4 votes to 3, not to proceed with the land exchange.

The Detroit City Council’s decision follows the mobilization of some Detroiters who oppose the deal between the city and Detroit International Bridge Corporation.

They ask, in particular, that no transfer of public property be granted until societal benefits have been negotiated and signed.

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In Canada, the construction of the new rooftop also faces a number of obstacles. In 2017, the federal government granted permission to build the additional deck.

The permit granted by the federal government gives the company five years to start business. However, in Windsor, this new apron is skeptical.

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Brian Maas, MP for Windsor West, opposed it from the outset, arguing that the Ambassador Bridge no longer met Windsor’s needs.

It is old in terms of location and its potential to be safe, especially from an environmental point of view due to a site chosen a century ago., he explains.

The problem with the Ambassador Bridge is that the city has grown all around it. It is smaller than what is needed now and does not contain the iteration that would have a new waypoint. [et qui] You will connect to the highway system so that international trucks don’t mix with local traffic.

Quote from:Brian Maas, Member of Parliament for Windsor West.

Brian Masse believes the company that owns the bridge can extend its license.

Photo: Sanjay Maru/CBC

Fabio Costanti, the municipal councilor in Ward 2 who is directly affected by decisions regarding the Ambassador Bridge, also has little sympathy for the project.

I am totally against the idea of ​​an apron. The Ambassador Bridge had approval from the federal government, and it was not a city decision, but the federal government made it clear that it would be a replacement rooftop and not an additional rooftop., He says.

man wearing gray jacket

Fabio Costante is a staunch supporter of the Gordie Howe Bridge.

Photo: CBC/Dale Molnar

In addition to all the difficulties he faces Detroit International Bridge Corporation Already faced, the company also has to solve a huge mystery, explains Fabio Costant.

There is still disagreement between the US and the Canadian side over what to do with the current apron. This is a problem because on the American side they are asked to keep the current apron and on the Canadian side they say that the current apron will have to be dismantled no later than five years after commissioning the new apron., He says.

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Project at a dead end?

For its part, Transport Canada reiterated that the permit was granted to the American company, provided that a number of conditions are met.

Since the approval was granted, Transport Canada officials have been in regular contact with Canadian transit company To monitor and track project progress and ensure that all works are in compliance with the terms, says a Transport Canada spokesperson in an email.

Once the approval for the construction of a replacement bridge has expired, if the owner of the Ambassador Bridge wishes to build a new bridge, he will have to submit a new application for approval to the Secretary of Transportation.

Quote from:Excerpt from Transport Canada email.

Transport Canada states that it does not know the location of the project as well as the US authorities.

The permit granted must expire in September 2022.

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