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Back to school list…for parents!

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Kids have their own school item list to take back to class. Psychotherapist and psychotherapist Marie-Michel Ricard, who is also the owner of the IMAVI clinic in Gatineau, offers a list of tips for parents to better prepare for the start of the school year.

Show flexibility

Since it can be a stressful time, it’s important to get some back Structure and organization in everyday life to prevent the return from being destabilizing, Ms. Ricard believes.

However, we must bear in mind – especially in this particular year – that unexpected things are inevitable.

The beginning of the school year will not be the same as last year or before. You have to be prepared that it may not work the way you want it to, it may be very messy and different from what you are used to.

Quote from:Marie-Michel Ricard, Psychology Educator and Co-Owner of IMAVI Clinic in Gatineau

So establishing a routine helps reduce stress. She doesn’t have a military timeline, but know roughly what it would look like. It is safe for everyoneas you say.

be listening

Whether with the kids or within the couple, we should listen to what the other is going through, and that’s regularly.

Everyone will experience things differently: [certains] In a state of anxiety and insecurity, [et d’autres]With joy and pleasurePsychological educator confirms. But we have to take the time to pay attention and see how it goes back to school and work. It was important before the pandemic and is just as important, if not more so, now.

Don’t make big changes

Renovation project? Learn a new skill? Back to school may not be the time for big projects, according to Ms. Rijkaard.

Because just returning to this new reality is in itself a change that requires some adjustment.

Such as [être sur] Sea: We will give a big boost [à la rentrée]There will be big waves and we will try with our boat to find our balance, explains. So now is not the time to change the veil. Let’s wait until he calms down.

Avoid going too fast

According to Ms. Ricard, the mistake to avoid would be filling – or rather increasing – her schedule. We need to live, to live does not have to be separated into 10 everywhere at the same time, argue. Everyone needs calm and fun.

One of the things that has been achieved with the pandemic is that life moves quickly. When we lost everything – activities, work in person, traffic in the morning – many people said to themselves, “So my schedule was pretty full. [avant la pandémie]!

Quote from:Marie-Michel Ricard, Psychology Educator and Co-Owner of IMAVI Clinic in Gatineau

Slowing down and leaving certain spaces in the calendar helps maintain balance. You have to take time for yourself, because it will pass quickly. It takes some time individually and we will lie down and breatheThe educator concludes.

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