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Apple will impose new rules on developers on June 30

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As of June 30, the changes previously announced in the App Store will take effect. These new rules in particular will require developers to make it easier to delete an account or certain data stored on an app.

Apple informs developers that expected changes to the App Store will be implemented on June 30 // Source: Nathan Le Gohlisse for Frandroid

Last year, on the occasion of the WWDC 2021 World Water Conference, apple It announced a set of measures intended for its applications App Store. After a long delay, these new rules will finally come into effect: Apple will enforce them from June 30. These are meant to make it easier for the user if they wish to delete an account or certain personal data stored on an app downloaded from the App Store.

For developers, creating this new policy will require making the options that enable these deletions more visible and accessible, presumably the solutions Apple is raising”Easy to find in appsApps that offer paid online group services will also be required to use Apple’s in-app payment system.

Some updates along the way have been approved by Apple

as pointed out the edge, the soon-to-be-imposed changes to the group’s online services date back to before WWDC 2021. It has been delayed three times: first in 2020 following complaints from Facebook, which ensured that these new rules would negatively impact small businesses in times of Covid; Then in the spring of 2021, this time to avoid accusations of monopoly in the midst of a hearing in the US Congress. Finally, Apple planned to implement it in January 2022… before, once again, delaying its entry into force to give more time to the developers involved. Unless there is a new change, it looks like June 30 will be the deadline for these new instructions to go into effect.

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As a reminder, WWDC 2022 will take place between June 6-10. By setting these changes to June 30, Apple is therefore ensuring that they are implemented quickly after the annual developer event ends.

Note that a A summary of these new rules has been published by Apple at this address. It is also possible to find a file full details From the latest App Store guidelines.

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