Argyles Gasost. Life is red and black

“It took me while booking!” Marie Kristen Rowe explains. A former seller of local produce in La Mongie, this merchant of Bagnères-de-Bigorre was bored of not seeing her customers. So, out of surprise, she bought herself some paints and brushes.

“I’m totally self-made!” Defines a budding artist, even if his favorite color is not green but red and black.

Black and red are everywhere in his paintings: in the poppies, in these three amazing giraffes that seem to stare at you with a slightly bewildered look, in this faceless woman, her knees bent over her chest …

casting technique

Since retiring a few months ago to her home in Argelès-Gazost, Marie Christine has been experimenting with another less figurative style from the States: molding.

“It is an acrylic casting that can be mixed with different doses of products such as medium or silicone…”

The result, quite abstract, is quite striking: in fact, you can see what you want, and the benefit is that no interpretation is imposed on the viewer.

The best way to be sure is to go to the Adonis store (2, Place Lacontre), run by Gaëlle, whom Marie Christine would like to thank: “After visiting Estiv’Art, this is my first exhibition!”

his project? “After dealing with wood and stone, I like to paint on clothes, even if it’s difficult to wash!”

This is no longer his responsibility, but the responsibility of Mother Denise …

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