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Ashton’s restaurants were sold to two young Portnov entrepreneurs

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Originally from the Portnov region, the two entrepreneurs in their early thirties have plenty of ideas. Ten years ago, as part of a university project, they laid out a business plan to acquire Chez Ashton.

Discussions with the foundation’s founder in the Quebec region, Ashton Leblond, began over three years ago. The couple still finds it hard to believe that the transaction is now complete.

It is a dream that we have cherished for more than ten years. When we woke up this morning, we pressured ourselves a little bit to make sure we were really in the real world. We are very happy and honoredsays Jean-Christophe Lerett.

Ashton Leblond. (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada/Lucy Jocelyn


Ashton Leblond opened the first of his 23 branches in Lancien Lorette in 1969. It has been approached several times in recent years by restaurant conglomerates. Preferred selling to young entrepreneurs in the region.

I am proud to hand over the torch to Emilie and Jean-Christophe. They are from the region, they are young and have the necessary experience. But above all, we have the same values. For me, it was important to ensure the succession by people from here who care about the company and the vibrancy of the area.explains in a press release founder Chez Ashton.

Jean-Christophe Liret also sees many similarities between Chez Ashton and his entrepreneurial values.

Quebec Company 100%, the freshness, the quality of the dishes, the pride of the team members. It goes out into the atmosphere as well. It’s really the company we’ve been planning on acquiring since day one.he is referring to.

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Expected growth

The new owners of the 650 employees of the popular Putinha restaurant chain have assured that jobs will be preserved. The company’s head office will also remain in Quebec.

They have also developed a growth plan for the next few years.

Existing restaurants will be renovated, while retaining the old side of the chain. New restaurants are also planned.

We think there is still room to unify the Quebec region and then come in and expand into the suburbs. The opening of two to three branches from 2023 will be realistic. We don’t want to skip stages, we want to do things rightsays Jean-Christophe Lerett.

The co-owners will count on the support of Jean Cote. This shareholder has been a manager of Chez Ashton Restaurants for 25 years.

The acquisition, whose value has not been disclosed, was funded by Desjardins Capital, Fonds de Solidarité FTQ and CIBC.

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