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ATP: Stefanos Tsitsipas justifies the toilet break

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas mocked complaints about him leaving court for a change, during Saturday’s Cincinnati Masters semi-final match, which he lost to Alexander Zverev.

“Nothing is crazy. It’s not astrophysics,” Tsitsipas said after losing 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (4) to his German opponent, who was upset during the eight-minute round. He stopped at the end of the first set.

“I go to the locker room to change my shirt. I don’t think it would be great if I changed shorts on the court in front of everyone,” the world number 3 said. “I am a person who sweats a little bit more than the others. I think it’s okay, that’s just how it works for me. “

Some doubt that such a break could be suitable for training By SMS, while Tsitsipas took his bag with him.

The possibility was soon mentioned on an international TV channel until her father and coach were seen tapping his phone in the stands.

However, the 23-year-old tennis player said he would not change his style. “I won’t stop doing it, because I feel better when I step onto the court to start a new group,” he said, referring to leaving the court for a change.

Tsitsipas pretended to leave the field for the second time after winning the second set, but the chair umpire stopped him and told him he had run out of his break time quota.

Zverev ‘a little disappointed’

“I was able to play while I was sweating, but that wasn’t nice of him. I’ll check the rules later,” Tsitsipas said. “One player is allowed to use the bathroom in each individual group, as far as I know. “

He added, “We try to play tennis, obviously we sweat a lot, we do our best and we don’t really appreciate our effort. I am so sad to see things go like this.”

Zverev cast a bleak look at the long rest, grumbling at the judgment of the chair. “I am a person who likes to win or lose with tennis,” he stated tennis channel after the game. “I never stop medical work when I don’t need it. I never go to the bathroom when I don’t need it.”

“Some people use it (the break rule) to their advantage,” he added. I would say the rules are very flexible. I was a little disappointed because it happened (with Tsitsipas) at Roland Garros already before the fifth set. It happened in Acapulco too, so there was a bit of a frustration but all is well. “

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