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ATV monitoring operation launched in Istria

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In Saint-Alphonse-de-Granpey, the Department of Transport in partnership with Sureté du Québec and the Federation of Quad Clubs of Quebec launched Operation IMPACT on Saturday. The risks to users’ safety are challenging Transport Minister François Bonardel, who was involved in announcing this coordinated operation.

We are talking about 28 deaths a year over the past 10 years, 600 hospitalizations and in these conditions I would have a dream: not to have a vision!

Quote from:Francois Bonardel, Minister of Transport

Reducing this number will require a change in behavior and more drastic measures. Lieutenant at Sûreté du Québec, Alain Barbier, confirms that the obligation to obtain a driver’s license to travel on the tracks, which came into force in September, is one of the measures put in place to curb this phenomenon. Previously, the permit was only required to cross DOT roads.

There are SAAQ administrative penalties for deactivated colleges that applied only to road vehicles before. Now it is applicable to all vehicles in off-road vehicles as well. So he helps us to enforce this law! Alain Barbier confirms.

Considering users’ reluctance

However, the president of the Federation of Quad Clubs in Quebec, Regine Bleuen, expects some hesitation from users. He is particularly concerned about the behavior of youngsters who may not comply with the new requirements.

Often our young people are under the driving age, but the problem we have is that they have been walking for a long time and say, ‘We’ve always spent this is our home’ Reagan Bleuen explains. To summon them to order, patrolling rangers will cross the fairways as part of this process, which will also continue this winter, as the snowmobiles return.

According to Ariane Biland,

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