[BALADO] Pay Zone: Tom Brady goes on a crusade

Legendary linebacker Tom Brady was visibly disappointed with his game against the Saints, but the pivotal star, after losing his side, still makes an interesting point in his podcast titled Let’s go!, because he has literally asked the NFL to ban knee kicks in a situation where the recipient can’t protect himself. The Bucs lost super receiver Chris Goodwin for the remainder of the season after a completely legal tackle by Saint PJ Williams’ defensive linebacker. Brady’s request sparked a strong reaction from many NFL defensive players, and your favorite podcast has looked at it.

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Busy week in payment area, As Aaron Rodgers prepares to take down Brett Favre for a number of career landings in the Z Packers this weekend against the Browns. We are trying to find out who is the real king of Green Bay. An exercise that turns out to be more complicated than it appears.

The emergence of COVID-19 across the continent is also forcing us to talk about the next step at the Goodell Arena. With so many sports leagues suspended, we’re trying to guess which path the NFL will take to end its season despite the dreaded virus causing havoc on so many teams.

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Your infernal streak returns for the second week in a row based on the controversial decision of Ravens manager John Harbaugh. We now know what kind of poker player the Baltimore pilot is, because he has no difficulty playing it for everyone. Yes Payment area He was nice to Harbaugh last week, things are different this week…

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We also try to answer several questions from our listeners, as well as building on the good momentum of the past few weeks in the predictions game.

The famous ‘At the Bar’ column is more exciting than ever, with Stefan making a surprise call to a top defensive lineman, Jane who orders a sixty-year-old who was already in better health to drink his share of alcohol and Jean-Nicolas pushing a round to a veteran ball carrier. Who really needs a pickup!

Payment area It is co-hosted by Jean-Nicolas Gagnier, Jean Carrier and Stéphane Cadoret.

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