Fragments 2021 in pictures

to me National GeographicIt’s a photo of a worker collecting samples of “fresh” lava after the eruption of Cumbre Vieja, in the Canary Islands, that has drawn attention. for british review temper nature, the same volcanic eruption returns to a house covered in a carpet of ash and dust. and the The New York TimesAnd their choice Covering all sectors of the news, he chose the same house to illustrate the turbulent October through the devastating floods in Sudan. The eruption destroyed 100 homes on the island palm Thousands of people were forced to evacuate.

Emilio Morenati/Associated Press/Nature

But the images of science also presuppose beauty, through this picture neurons from a rat embryo, This artwork Quarter-millimeter side laser engraved, or this insect 40 million years imprisoned in amber.

In addition, a social issue that we think we know well from a theoretical point of view, can take on a completely different meaning in the picture, such as the one he chose National Geographic, from this health worker in India looking for sponsors or sponsors for COVID vaccination.

Pictures 2021 - Vaccine - India

Dar Yassin / AFP / National Geographic

Mars was in the spotlight, Among other things thanks to creativity, the first space helicopter. But the James Webb Space Telescope has also caused a lot of talk as its launch, now scheduled for Christmas Day, approaches – with the hope that its first discoveries of the year will be in 12 months. 2022.

Pictures 2021 - Mars - creativity

Whether one agrees with the concept of space tourism or not, the first sub-orbital flights of companies owned by billionaires Branson and Bezos have also received a lot of attention. More than specific environmental issues: temper nature Image obscured of firefighters battling a fire in California The New York Times A house destroyed by a hurricane and National Geographic, That botanist collects seeds from the top of a Ponderosa pine, hoping to restore a forest destroyed by fire. Three events remind us that the impact of climate change is becoming more and more felt in more and more places – but an issue whose images struggle to convey planetary scale.

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Pictures 2021 - Tree - Ponderosa Pine

Kristi Heim Klok / National Geographic

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