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Barely released iOS 14.5, Apple launched another update to fix bugs and bugs

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A week after the release of the main iOS 14.5 update for the iPhone, Apple is introducing a new update, 14.5.1. The latter corrects errors, particularly in application-tracking transparency, but it also fixes security vulnerabilities.

Released April 26, 2021, update IOS 14.5 brought a lot of new features.

One of them is Application Tracking Transparency (ATT) which gives us the ability to choose whether an application can track our activities or not for the purpose of showing us targeted ads.

Only here, this post knows a few hiccups since its launch. Not all apps ask us for our permission when we open it.

This is believed to be due to a bug that Apple corrected with the latest iOS 14.5.1 update.

This can be read in the description of the update.

An issue with app tracking transparency that prevents some users who previously disabled “Allow app tracking” in Settings from receiving requests from apps after re-enabling the option.

Has a major security breach been closed?

In addition to ATT, the iOS 14.5.1 update also fixes vulnerabilities. A big drawback if we want to believe once again the details shown in the update.

IOS 14.5.1 includes bug fixes, provides important security updates, and is recommended for all users.

Apple warns us that the iOS 14.5.1 update is important when it comes to the security of our iPhone.

Apple is not venturing into the details of these famous flaws.

Just, According to 9to5Mac, Seems to always be associated with WebKit problems.

And so this defect persisted for a long time, when it was supposed to be closed at the beginning of March 2021.

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Aside from iPhones and iPads, Mac and Apple Watch devices are also entitled to an update to fix this bug.

This is an update for macOS 11.3.1 and watchOS 7.4.1.

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