WhatsApp introduces two new features on iOS

The WhatsApp continue Updateable. A new version of the app has been released on iOS. It brings two major new features, new features that should be of great interest to its users.

Despite recent disagreements About updating its terms of useSo WhatsApp is getting on its way quietly. The company has just released a new version of its iOS app: version 2.21.71.

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Available now, the latter naturally brings its share of improvements and fixes, but it also brings two very exciting new features.

WhatsApp introduces two new features on iOS

The first relates to the media, and more specifically to images. Before this update, a user had to open photos that their friends had sent in to view them. That wouldn’t be the case anymore. WhatsApp will actually make it easier to visualize images received during exchanges by displaying a much larger preview.

So the user will be able to see what is going on without necessarily opening the image.

The second grandmother is associated with temporary letters. From now on, all group members will be able to adjust their settings.

Something new for temporary photos and messages

An important step forward. Until then, the sole responsible for the discussion, and thus the instigator of it, was in control of this criterion. Now everyone will be able to take charge. On the other hand, the administrator will always be able to modify the group information and only he will be able to do so.

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Most importantly, these ephemeral messages work in a somewhat strange way. Basically, it will be deleted automatically after a period of seven days, regardless of whether it is opened by group members or not. The preview will remain displayed until the message is opened. And if you quote from the message, it can still be shown after seven days.

Note, however, that WhatsApp is currently running several experiments with temporary messages. So changes are to be expected. Meanwhile, if you want to go further with WhatsApp, then here you are 5 essential tips to know.

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