Baseball promoter distances himself from Coderre

Entrepreneur Eric Boyko, president of Stingray and promoter of baseball’s return to Montreal, is distancing himself from former Montreal mayor, Dennis Coudrey, who worked with him over the past years.

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“Because of the baseball situation, we have decided he will not work with Stingray. As long as the project is not settled, it takes three months, six months, a year, two years. You can’t have a relationship because of the perception aspect,” Mr. Boyko said.

By his own admission, the promoters “do not want to disturb the current management” who must give their approval for the project to move forward.

Mr. Boyko is part of the Baseball Montreal Group led by businessman Stephen Bronfman and former Canadian President Pierre Boivin.

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Seduction campaign with Planet

The group is on a campaign of seduction with Mayor Valerie Blunt. The latter fought against Mr. Couder during the last municipal campaign. She finally won with 52% of the vote.

As mayor, Mr. Coderre often encouraged the return of baseball, appearing alongside Mr. Bronfman, especially during activities involving the Expos.

“He is an excellent international trade broker. Even if he works for us outside the country, that would confuse things,” Boyko said.

He claims to have had discussions with Mr. Cowdrey since his loss to Valerie Blunt, but there was never any doubt about his return to the company.

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“I sometimes talk to Mr. Cowdery, but we don’t have any professional relationship,” said Mr. Boyko, who would surely have hired him again if he hadn’t been involved with the baseball file.

“The only reason is because of me, because of my relationship with baseball,” Boyko said.

Mr. Coderre worked at Stingray between 2018 and 2021.

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