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BattleEye anti-cheat system will be compatible with Steam Deck

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Jillian Castillo
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Finally, with Proton developed for Steam

BattleEye announces on Twitter Official Proton Support, which should be allowed Linux users – and future owners steam platform – from Enjoy multiplayer titles Which does not support the operating system natively.

Quand Valve A Introduced Steam Deck Last July, the promise was to be able to Play any computer game On a very portable device, in particular Thanks Proton, overlap wine Developed by studio Bellevue which makes it possible to launch any windows game On Linux, therefore Steam OS 3.

However, this is possible Exclude multiplayer gamess who use eye of battle Anti-fraud solution, such as Apex LegendsAnd pubgAnd rainbow six sig where Died in broad daylight. In fact, in theory, the program will then be unable to object The data you pass through Windows virtual environment It is simulated by a proton.

Thus, this BattleEye announcement can reassure future buyers From Steam Deck who managed to Pre-order insurance from the device. It can make more and more players want to test Linux as a file Main game platform generally.

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