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Drouin, Dvorak, Anderson, Savard, Guhle and Norlinder face the foliage tonight

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The Canadian will receive a visit from Toronto Maple Leafs this evening at the Peel Center. The match is scheduled for 7:00 PM and will be broadcast on RDS.

Group A will face leaves, after watching the second set lose 4-1 on Saturday night in Toronto. Maple Leafs will also send new players into battle. This will be a second exhibition game for each team.

Group A held a short time morning skate This morning in Broussard, while Group B was well deserved leave, after playing two games in as many days during weekend.

Group C will jump on the ice soon lunch. Note that Group C is actually the group waiting for the rocket camp to open (maybe Thursday).

Who are the players in Group A?

Who should play tonight?

Darwin – Dvorak – Anderson
Harvey Benard – Evans – Jeremiah
Peseta – Misak – Borque
Martel – Dia – two colors

Nrolinder – Chiarot
Guhle – Savard
Scheunemann – Weidmann


Many players will likely (already) play their last cards tonight.

I can’t wait to see Dvorak, Anderson, Darwin, Savard, Johley and Norlander in action…

I’m sure Dominique Ducharme will put Darwin in the starting line-up and the Bale fans will not be asked to give Number 92 a standing ovation before the match begins. already soHe got a nice one yesterday during the match inside the team

Note that the maple plant must contain this researchThere, hmm.

Guhle and Norlinder will have to be at their best to contain Marner, if they find themselves on the ice at the same time like this.

Brendan Gallagher arrived in Montreal, and had to stay a few more days in British Columbia for family reasons. We expect to see him in uniform next Friday or Saturday, because the Canadian will not play a game on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

a lot of

– Started…

– Vejdemo in front of Poehling?

– Will Jean Misak evolve in AHL or the Ohl In 2021-22?

Brandon Tanev has become a true legend.

Expose, closer to a comeback than you might think?

There is still a long way to go to improve head injury control in hockey.

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