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Battlefield 2042 Deadspace Builder and Creator

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Jillian Castillo
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And no, Deadspace’s original studio wouldn’t be the one to take care of it, since it’s closed…

Image credit: Electronic Arts

The Electronic Arts event has finally brought more elements related to Battlefield 2042, including Portal, a highly advanced creation mode that will allow you to make the parts of your dreams come true. Unlike other modes of this type, Portal will ask you to access a dedicated page via your web browser and create your entire map there. It must be said that the site offers a tree structure of scenarios and situations that were less readable in the game menu, and much slower to achieve with the console.

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Here we control everything at a rate that we seldom see. It is possible to create two teams only equipped with different weapons and even limit the number of players in each team in an unequal way. We can create a team of players with a knife of 15 people who will have to beat, for example, 2 people. Any of the craziest rules you can think of can be tried, such as having the entire team automatically switch weapons if you eliminate an opposing player.

It also allows you to mix Battlefield maps and items in the game. Because in addition to the original seven maps for Battlefield 2042, six additional maps will come from the old Battlefields. They have been graphically redesigned, and unlike the older ones, they are all made indestructible. The only thing that cannot be changed is the maps themselves. So there’s no need to create your own cards like in Halo Forge mode, but the rest of the tool seems powerful enough to ensure you create your dream game.

Another announcement for EA Play Live was the officialization of a remake of Deadspace. The worship series, and finally the first two in particular, and the third being highly action-oriented, will rise from its ashes to experience a new life. Nothing has been filtered regarding the studio responsible for development. One thing is for sure, it won’t be Visceral Games, as Electronic Arts closed this studio in 2017.

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