Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Canadian Olympic Committee lays its foundations in Tokyo

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Expectations are high, as always, for Canadian athletes in light of the upcoming Olympics.

However, no specific target has been set. Really, what we’ve done this year, first and foremost, is get the athletes to compete to the limit. The way there was without surprises especially with the epidemicEric Miles explains.

Although Japanese resentment of hosting the Games has spread around the world, Canadian athletes don’t watch it firsthand, says Eric Miles.

Olympic Village for what it is, in addition to competing behind closed doors, the Canadians are not exposed to this reluctance, which also forced Toyota to withdraw from the competitions.

The concept is like this, even we, Canada, in the same village, have like our own bubble, explains Mr. Miles in the presentation always in the morning.

A different party this year

30 to 40 Canadian athletes will participate in the opening ceremony, which will take place behind closed doors on Thursday night, unlike the usual 160 athletes.

The strict hygiene measures and the later arrival of the athletes in Japan in particular illustrate the Canadian mini-delegation for the gala. In addition, athletes are not required to participate in the official opening of the competition. Oftentimes, events are held as early as the next day for some athletes.

However, according to Eric Miles, the evening promises to be exciting for viewers.

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