Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, outside after celebrating Thanksgiving

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were seen in Los Angeles on Saturday.

lovers Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez You have Filmed again Saturday, November 27, 2021 in Los Angeles, where they entered the recording studio. Hand in hand, the 49-year-old actor and 52-year-old singer seemed hard-working, each with a handbag. The interpreter “Let’s Get Loud” was very elegant in high-waisted jeans and claws, wore a black jacket and wore a ponytail.

“She has the impression that their story was written.”

according to “the peopleThe couple’s outing comes as they celebrate their first Thanksgiving together this week. Despite busy work schedules (J.Lo is shooting a new feature film in Canada), the star duo are doing their best to make their relationship work. Jennifer came home from Vancouver to celebrate Thanksgiving with her kids and Ben. The past few weeks have been so intense for her. It’s been hard for her to get away (from them). She can’t wait to take a little vacation. (…) (With Ben) everything It’s going well. Jennifer loves to be with him. “It really feels like their story was written,” a whistleblower said on November 27.

The source also indicated that the couple are planning to celebrate Christmas together. “They are both going to have the holidays. For Jennifer, Christmas is Children’s Day. She does everything to make things special for them. She loves Christmas. This year, there will be more organization because Ben also wants to be with his kids. They haven’t made a specific decision yet. about holidays and they discuss it.”

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