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Hanukkah begins on Sunday in Manitoba

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According to Rabbi Matt Leibel, who retired from the Shaarei Tzedek Synagogue in Winnipeg earlier this year, Hanukkah has always been one of the most important holidays for the immediate family.

Hanukkah celebrations are spread over 8 days. It is characterized by songs, blessings, dishes fried in oil, and especially the lighting of the traditional Jewish menorah called the Menorah, which has 9 branches. Believers light one each evening during festivities to celebrate what they consider the miracle of lights. The first branch ignites on the eve of the first day of Hanukkah, on the evening of November 28 this year.

Retired Rabbi Matt Leibel believes that a vaccination may facilitate the festivities this year.

Photo: CBC/Jaison Empson

This year, the holiday is coming a little earlier than usual, but this calendar delay remains insignificant compared to the impact of the pandemic, explains the rabbi.

It’s one of those holidays that brings so much hope, which isn’t a bad thing at any time of the year, but for sure [pas] As the epidemic continues.

However, the context of vaccination gives little hope to the Jewish community. Besides, Matt Label hopes this year’s festivities will be a little different than last year’s.

There is always anxiety. We can’t yet hold the massive Hanukkah celebrations, probably, that we’ve seen in the past. , notice.

But I think we have a trend in the right directionrejoice.

Hanukkah also commemorates the liberation of the Jews and the new dedication of the reopened Second Temple of Jerusalem.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement The important contributions Jewish Canadians make to our country every day, especially on the front lines of the pandemic.

He also expressed his commitment to Fighting anti-Semitism and hatred in all its forms.

The Government of Canada will always stand by the Jewish community, and we will ensure that our country remains a place where Jewish Canadians can live and be proud to practice their religion openly.

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