Benedict Mathurin responds to the media regarding the video where he was seen touching a fan’s chest

Montrealer Benedict Mathurin says he called the young woman who accidentally touched her breast after Sunday’s game.

On the eve of playing an important match in the role of sweet 16 In March Madness, Quebec basketball player Benedict Mathurin wrestles with an argument he might have wanted to avoid.

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Earlier this week, as we reported on Wednesday, a video went viral showing Mathurin clutching the chest of a Texas Christian University fan.

On social networks, many netizens wondered whether the star of the University of Arizona team really touched the young woman and whether her gesture was intentional.

On Wednesday evening, during a press conference on the sidelines of the Round of 16 taking place on Thursday and Friday, Mathurin was questioned by a journalist about the incident.

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To a clerk who asked him if he remembered the incident and if he had contacted the young woman, the Wildcats player replied, “Actually, I sent an email to try to contact her. Through the TCU sports department, I reached out to her and that’s it.”

Arizona athletic director Dave Hickey previously commented that Mathurin had no recollection of touching a fan.

“Shortly after returning to Tucson, I learned that some people on social media were claiming that a video clip showed Benedict Mathurin physically coming into contact with a UCSD student as he was leaving the field. I reached out to the TCU Department of Athletics and spoke with Benedict”. Heck said to ESPN.

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“Although he doesn’t remember calling her, he did try to reach the TCU freshman, through her athletic department, to apologize.”

TCU and the student in question did not react to the incident.

Mathurin University and the University of Arizona Wildcats face the University of Houston on Thursday with a berth at Elite 8 on the line.

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