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Between deafness and schizophrenia, Nadej Hadrzyński, a writer from Lille, talks about her journey

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This is a work that should attract your curiosity. The dark night of my soulwritten by Nadezh Hadrzyński, deaf and schizophrenicIt transports anyone into the heart of the hellish vortex that is disease. Through her poignant journey, this Lille resident is full of wishes and hope Demystifying this disease It is often considered taboo. Get back with Lille News On its history.

From idea to implementation

Al-Akhbar: How did you get the idea to write a book?

Nadège: I needed to unpack my bag. I started writing in my diary in the evening, sometimes late at night when my mind was awake. A relative of mine read it and found my story interesting, and then after a year I thought to myself why not publish it! After sending my manuscript to several publishing houses, my biggest surprise was that I received so much positive feedback so quickly.

News: How did writing “The Dark Night of My Soul” go?

Nadège: There were different stages: draft, proofreading, finding titles and corrections. The goal was for my story to be completely faithful to my experience.

Positive feedback

News: What is the reaction of those close to you after its release?

Nadège: Those around me were very positive and encouraging. My mother cried with emotion when she saw it, and my brother read it at least 6 times! As for my father, he congratulated me and understood my suffering throughout the illness. Everyone is so proud.

News: The book was published a while ago. Have you received any feedback from readers?

Nadège: Yes of course! Especially in the reviews and comments section of the various commercial sites where my book is sold. They are all very positive as well.

News: Do you have a message you would like to deliver?

Nadège: I would like to inform the public that schizophrenia is not a serious illness, it all depends on its degree and there are 7 cases (I am classified as grade 1). People suffering from this disease can live a peaceful life thanks to proper treatments. Psychiatry has developed a lot!

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