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Between Us November 9 Update, New Roles, Shop & Cosmicubes – Breakflip

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A new major update has just arrived among us, with new roles added, and even a cosmetics store!

Like many games, Between us It regularly takes advantage of updates, making it possible to improve the content of the game.This Tuesday, November 9, an important update has just been made, and it is already possible to download and discover it!

In this update, we mainly discover new roles, but also opening a file In-game skin shop.

What are the new roles between us?

New roles have been added in the game Among Us, as well as a new feature: the ability to choose the roles that are in the game! These new roles are featured below, and you can find the full patch note on the official In Us website (Source).

New crew member roles

  • World : Vital items can be accessed at any time. Charge your battery to complete your tasks
  • Engineer : can use wind
  • Guardian Angel : Deploy a protective shield around the surviving crew members

New crook role

  • variable Disguise as a crewmate

Cosmicubes and boutique in Between Us, how does it work?

Shop It finally arrives among us! It will be possible to get both paid skins, but also free skins. This store will work thanks to the various resources:

  • cosmic tubes : A new system for unlocking thematic shapes, following a branching scheme. Cosmicubes can be purchased with Beans or Stars but their content can only be unlocked by winning Pods in different games.
  • beans : This resource can be obtained by playing normal games. You can get it for free and use it to buy skins in stores, or get Cosmicubes
  • stars : This is the new premium currency in the game, which can only be purchased with real money. You can use it to get special items, or buy some Cosmicubes.
  • why bud : can only be obtained by playing if you have Cosmicube enabled. Each Cosmicube has a specific type of Pod!
  • XP : You will get XP to play. This experience will help you level up and get more easily on Beans and Pods.
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Go to the store with these different resources to unlock cosmetics!

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