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Biden is addicted to Canada

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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Ottawa | To say that the relationship between Ottawa and Washington will be better under President Joe Biden is an understatement.

Communication channels are already open between the two departments. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have personal ties to Canada.

Most importantly, the two governments have ideological relationships on issues of racial, social and environmental justice, to name a few.

Watching the new president’s inauguration, a liberal clerk told me, “It looks like ‘America is back.’

I don’t know if America with its bloody knees and one black eye is really back. But we can hope for a more peaceful world with Trump gone.

Dignity and unity

In his esteemed address, President Biden has addressed himself above all to his countrymen on the subject of unity.

He booked a short and passable pass for those looking beyond the limits.

He said, “We will mend our alliances.” It’s been noted here as elsewhere, and it’s music to their ears.

With the arrival of Joe Biden to the White HouseOur relationship with the United States will return to normal, but it will remain complicated.

The first-day swearing-in decision to ban the Keystone XL pipeline is testament to this. A decision that is “predictable” in some way.

A word not used in four years to describe the relationship between Canada and the United States, or any related issue.


However, Ottawa is concerned about the protectionist aspirations of the Biden clan.

The latter promised to invest hundreds of billions to promote the purchase of local goods and services at the expense of its foreign competitors.

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In return, we can hope that the environmental ambitions of the new US administration will benefit our green technology exporters.

In any case, we can hope that these discussions, however difficult they may be between neighbors, from adults to adults.

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