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Biden says US and allies will not “bully” Putin

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US President Joe Biden said on Friday that the United States and its allies would not be “intimidated” by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and promised that NATO would defend “every inch” of its territory.

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And he said in a speech at the White House: “America and its allies will not be afraid,” and Vladimir Putin “will not frighten us.”

Then Joe Biden addressed the Russian president directly, pointing his finger at the camera warning him of any attack from NATO territory.

“America and its allies are fully prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory,” he said.

“Mr. Putin, understand what I am saying: every centimeter.”

Speaking shortly after Mr. Putin formalized the annexation of four Ukrainian regions, the US president promised victory for his country during a festive concert on Moscow’s Red Square.

The Russian president and other officials in other countries have repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons to defend the newly incorporated Ukrainian territory.

Joe Biden called Friday’s party a “fake number” that is supposed to show his strength, explaining on the contrary that he was “in trouble.”

Referring to the new $12 billion in aid to Ukraine voted on by the US Congress, the president promised to “continue to provide military equipment” to the country “so that it can defend itself.”

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Joe Biden also promised to send underwater assets to the site of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipeline explosion, “to determine exactly what happened,” after what he called an “act of intentional sabotage.”

“We will work with our allies to shine a light on this,” Biden emphasized. “It has already begun to help our allies strengthen the protection of this critical infrastructure,” he added.

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