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Council member Michael Thompson’s lawyer is stepping down

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In the email, the attorney talks about his close friendship with Michael Thompson.

We try not to interfere for the sake of our friends and family in our companyHe says.

However, he spoke on Thursday and told CBC that the charges were baseless and that Michael Thompson had intended to claim his innocence.

He added that Michael Thompson will plead not guilty during his scheduled November 1 appearance.

Calvin Barry asserts that he believes Michael Thompson will be acquitted. He adds that Mr. Thompson was made aware of his allegations late this week and that, in the urgency of the moment, he chose to assist the counsel before the county police.

Calvin Barry also explained that the allegations took place last July in his chalet.

He adds that he was not present and that at the time of the events, he and his family were visiting his parents on the Thunder Bay side.

Toronto City Councilman Michael Thompson, who was also the deputy mayor, faces two counts of sexual assault. He turned himself in to County Police in Bracebridge on Thursday morning and was charged.

Centennial College said Michael Thompson resigned his position on the school board on Friday.

It would not be appropriate for Chancellor Thompson to continue in his role as he faces these charges.according to a press release issued by Centennial College.

ineligible for election

The chancellor is currently campaigning for re-election in Ward 21 in the October 24 municipal elections.

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According to the City of Toronto, despite the charges, a candidate can remain in the race and get the job under the 2006 City of Toronto Act.

This was confirmed by an email from Elections Toronto to CBC. In addition, even if a candidate drops out of the race now, his name cannot be removed from the ballot papers.

“The deadline for withdrawal was August 19 at 2 p.m. After that date, there is no way in the 1996 Municipal Elections Act that would allow a candidate to withdraw his or her nomination,” the Toronto Elections says.

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