Big support for $350 million “clean gas” station

A Quebec businessman wants to build a $350 million “clean fuel” plant with private and public money to put Quebec in the world

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“It certainly won’t be funded by governments, municipalities or the public. It will be a mix of clean equity, investors and subsidies,” asserts Jan Paquin, Senior President of Consortium SAF+.

He summarizes: “We want to make clean fuels.”

The commercial plant we want to develop is in the range of 350 million dollars. We are talking about a production of 30 million liters. ”

Boarding an Airbus

On Thursday, French giant Airbus announced its intention to join the SAF+ alliance to manufacture “sustainable aviation fuel”.

For Consortium SAF +, which brings together Air Transat, Hydro-Québec, Aéroports de Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Aéro Montréal, this is an important moment in the sector’s history.

Essentially, the SAF+ consortium aims to make Montreal a center for sustainable aviation in North America with a “clean fuel” pilot plant.

More precisely, it would be about producing a synthetic energy-to-liquid (PtL) electronic fuel, or carbon dioxide (CO2), captured and synthesized using renewable hydrogen (green).

Fitzgbon in knowledge

Currently, the pilot plant of about fifteen people is testing production, near the old petrochemical plants in eastern Montreal. Ottawa contributed $2.2 million to this project.

“I met indirectly, on certain technology platforms, such as the Echotech platform, Pierre Fitzgibbon. I told him about our project,” notes Jean Paquin, saying that he had not had any intense discussions yet.

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“I am a Quebecer first and foremost. I have always wanted to develop Quebec. I have always believed that there are extraordinary resources,” he concludes.

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