Bilingual jobs in Canada during and after studies

Ontario is the place par excellence for French or bilingual studies. One of the reasons why Ontario attracts over 48% of international students to Canada is its vibrant economy. In fact, it is the perfect place to start your career.

There is a huge shortage of bilingual professionals

Due to a shortage of bilingual professionals, Ontario managers have difficulty filling positions within their organizations. For this reason, bilingual candidates are in a strong position. In fact, they have better control over the terms of their salary and other benefits. For example, they can earn Up to 10% to 30% more than monolingual English-speaking candidates. Ontario is the Canadian province where bilingual language has the greatest impact on salary.

It is so rare for professionals to speak both official languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat some positions remain vacant for months. Thus, at the end of 2021, the number of jobs available in Ontario was at an all-time high, while the number of bilingual job seekers decreased dramatically.

Incredible economic growth on the horizon

As we emerge from the global pandemic, Ontario is in a very good position to continue its rapid growth.

First, Ontario is home to Toronto, Arizona The economic and cultural center of Canada. We find there more than others Large multinational companies from the country as well Hundreds of corporate headquarters All sizes. Next, the Rider Levett Bucknall Crane indicator shows that the number of cranes has increased by more than 80% since February 2020 in Toronto. Thus, the city retains the title The fastest growing city in North America, four times the second city (Los Angeles). This mega-scale construction heralds unparalleled economic growth and Create many job opportunities.

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A suite of world-class high-tech functions

According to the latest report, Scoring Tech Talent, published by the American company CBRE, Toronto occupies a place 4th place and 10th Ottawa on the scale of major technology markets in North America. With more than 81,200 jobs added in this sector since 2016, Toronto ranks as the highest ranked Canadian city, even higher than the major US centers of Los Angeles and New York. This arrangement confirms that technology sector It is the main driver of the Canadian economy, particularly in Ontario. It is interesting to note that the Ottawa region Home to Canada’s largest technology park And that the latter is still expanding.

Practice for jobs that don’t exist yet

Offers Ontario Advantage Consortium facilities A complete set of hundreds of programs At all levels and in all areas of knowledge thanks to Nine universities and two colleges. Nearly 1,000 programs are offered, including more than 400 that can be completed entirely in French or in a bilingual format. In addition, many institutions offer majors, minors, certificates, micro-programs, certificates, cooperation programs, language immersion programs, international exchanges, and a double degree with a diploma in two countries. That’s why we add the occasions experiential learning The curriculum is multidisciplinary. Thanks to this wide range of possibilities, students can chart their own path and Develop advanced expertise, unique. They will also be able to adapt to different realities and better prepare for the economy of the future.

The winning combination: Studies that lead to interesting career opportunities in a growing province

Students who choose to study in Ontario in French or in a bilingual format benefit Interesting career opportunities. Knowing that Ontario is growing, and that there are future jobs And that we offer flexible training geared towards future jobs, it just makes sense that it should be The most popular province for international students in Canada.

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