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Bill Clinton, a weak former US president

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(Washington) L’ancien président américain Bill Clinton, hospitalisé depuis trois jours pour une, a depuis son départ de la Maison-Blanche, il ya 20 ans, connu plusieurs frayeurs médicales qui l’ont contraint à changer de et de diet .

His spokesperson, Angel Ureña, said Thursday night that Bill Clinton, 75, was admitted Tuesday night to a California medical center, where he is “recovering” from an infection unrelated to COVID-19.

His doctors said he was “responding well to treatments,” intravenous antibiotics, and they hoped he would be able to return to his home in New York state soon.

According to CNN, the former president first contracted a urinary tract infection that spread into the bloodstream, causing sepsis.

He was in California for a founding event when he felt tired. He went to the hospital where the risk of COVID-19 or heart problems was ruled out.

His wife, Hillary Clinton, who accompanied him on this trip, was photographed leaving the hospital, located in Orange, after his visit. Neither she nor their daughter Chelsea made any statements.

When he left the White House after two stints in 2001, this party, known for his cute personality, his adventures with young intern Monica Lewinsky and his exuberant love of burgers, threw himself into many humanitarian issues…and diplomacy.

He has traveled the world to participate in generously paid conferences such as traveling to disaster areas or raising funds to fight AIDS.

Steaks and stress

In 2004, clogged arteries forced him to take a break to undergo quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery.

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Soon, in an interview with ABC, he sketched out a perception: “Maybe things would have been different if I didn’t eat as many burgers and steaks, and if I had less stress in my life, because I’ve worked as hard since leaving the presidency as in while.”

Although he underwent another surgery in 2005, for lung problems, he left with a vengeance, agreeing to help the United Nations raise funds for the victims of the December 2004 tsunami, then to serve as the United Nations special envoy in Haiti after the deadly earthquake in this impoverished Caribbean country.

On the political scene, he gave unwavering support to his wife Hillary’s presidential ambitions during the 2008 Democratic primary, which she lost to Barack Obama.

In 2010, a new alarm: After chest pain, he was urgently taken to the hospital and underwent an angioplasty, a surgical technique to treat clogged arteries.

Then he adopts a vegetarian diet. difficult decision? “Not when you’ve had quadruple bypass surgery and want to live and be a grandparent,” he explained at an event in Dallas organized by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Little by little, its pace slows down. He still co-founded it, supporting his wife’s – unsuccessful – campaign against Donald Trump in 2016, but he travels less.

Instead, he has written two police novels, collaborated with bestselling author James Patterson, and hosts a podcast.

He lives with Hillary in Chappaqua, New York, and spends time with Chelsea and her three children. His Twitter profile breaks down in this order: “Bill Clinton: father, grandfather, 42NS President of the United States.”

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