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$24 million stolen by hackers via Windows

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Hackers managed to steal several million dollars in Bitcoin Thanks Windows. According to the details provided about this situation, they could have succeeded thanks to exploiting a bug in the Windows clipboard. In total, $24 million was looted from 1,300 victims. They took advantage of the lack of security to access wallet addresses and transaction codes.

They also had access to credit card codes. It was easy to access this sensitive data after the copy created in Windows by clipboard. Hackers have gone through the malware process. We remember that the way to protect yourself from this flaw is to install an antivirus on your computer. According to information reported by Avast, a cybersecurity specialist, malware created by hackers monitors the clipboard for subsequent changes.

Avast plans warning operations

Changes occur as soon as a user copies and pastes wallet addresses and tokens for Bitcoin transactions. This allows them to empty their wallet and put the loot into other wallets. Avast Indicates that a large-scale awareness-raising process will be launched to warn everyone about the possibility of theft that exists through the cache.

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