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Bill Kristol mocked his suggestion that “serious conservatives” should support Biden’s choice of cabinet, Nira Tandin.

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Bill Kristol was never ridiculed on Monday for claiming that “serious conservatives” should support the far-left Nira Tandin. Landing in the Treasury level position In the Biden administration.

President-elect Joe Biden plans to name Tandin, president and CEO of the Center for American Progress, a liberal think-tank, as director of the Office of Management and Budget, according to a person familiar with the transition who has been granted anonymity to speak freely about internal deliberations. Kristol, who has gone from being a prominent conservative to an anti-Trump expert, has taken to Twitter to endorse the choice.

Serious conservatives, responsible moderates and hard-line liberals should want a hard-core OMB boss. OMB is where ill-considered projects of government ministers die, programs are evaluated, and trade-offs are made. Kristol tweeted: “Nira Tandin is the right person for the job.”

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Kristol was once an influential conservative but has drifted to the left in recent years and is an outspoken critic of President Trump.

“The View” presenter Megan McCain, who serves as a symbolic conservative on the show, Kristol criticized for this suggestion.

“Please don’t insult me ​​and say, as a serious conservative, I must support the head of the hard-left advocacy group, Center for American Progress.” McCain replied that he was intellectually dishonest and cowardly on your part.

Maggie Haberman, New York Times reporter WroteIf someone tells you in 2014 that this tweet will be around after six years, try to address your reaction.

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Journalist Glenn Greenwald AnsweredPut this tweet in the Museum of American History under the heading ‘Democrats in the Age of Trump’, and it will finish this part of history.

Several others criticized Kristol’s tweet as well:

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