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Boxing Canada: COC on the lookout

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Alan Binder
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In recent months, many top athletes have denounced the abuses and actions of their national federations in the public square. This week, it’s Boxing Canada’s turn to find itself in turmoil. A situation that worries the leaders of the Canadian Olympic Committee.

President Tricia Smith is well aware of what is happening at some conferences.

“There is a process for recognizing bad behavior,” she said. We have a policy in place and athletes should not be afraid to use it. She is independent.

“You have to get to the heart of things in order to solve it. Sport should be a safe and welcome place as it is elsewhere in society.

“We have to work with the federal administration, people from Sport Canada and those from Own the Podium.”

COC Chief Athletic Eric Miles agrees with COC President.

“It is very concerning. These are the issues that we are following closely. The most important thing is to know how we are going to work on these files.

“There are specific measures that are currently being implemented that we are involved in just like the Canadian sports federations. Athletes play a key role. The urgent thing is to ensure the safety of young people.

“There are mechanisms that work well, but there are breaks in different places. However, there are governance issues.”

Every year, the Coordination Committee meets with all federations twice. During these meetings, problematic situations are brought to the negotiating table. We must believe that this is not enough. Some associations may need to clear the registry and start from scratch.

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Meanwhile, the International Boxing Association (IBA) wants to ban Danielle Tribanier from the Women’s World Championships that opens on Sunday in Istanbul, Turkey.

according to Canadian Pressthe IBA sent a letter to Boxing Canada announcing that it had withdrawn the high-performance manager’s accreditation.

In addition, the Integrity Officer and his Ethics Committee intend to review the allegations against Tribanier and the Canadian Federation. On Wednesday, 121 boxers, coaches and other stakeholders sent a letter to government authorities, including Sport Canada, to denounce the toxic and dangerous culture of boxing Canada, which has been around for ten years.

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