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Canada Funds Search for Whales in the Arctic – Eye on the Arctic

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Narwhals (pictured), bowhead whales, and beluga whales are popular species in the Canadian Arctic. (Paul Nicklin/WWF)

The University of Manitoba has just received financial support from the Canadian government to study how whale populations are affected by changes in their environment.

This “will help us understand the steps we need to take to ensure that these species continue to evolve in our waters for future generations of Canadians,” said a government press release issued Thursday.

According to the Canadian Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and Coast Guard, Bernadette Jordan, the funding is up to $228,736 over three years. It is awarded under the Scientific Fund for Sustainable Fishing.

“This project includes DNA analysis of the rhino, rhinoceros, and beluga species, with the aim of determining how these groups are structured, and further assessing how their size is affected by climate change.” hunting levels, and man-made changes in the environment over time.”

The government states that “Sea rex, bowhead whales, and beluga whales are emblematic species in the Canadian Arctic. These whales play an important role in the Arctic Ocean ecosystem, and contribute to the livelihoods and culture of indigenous and coastal communities.”

The health and sustainability of our aquatic species is based on our research. Investing in science to better understand the ecosystem and to inform species management decisions is an investment in a stronger blue economy. Research is fundamental to better understanding how to manage these aquatic species and assemblages. This project will aim to protect these aquatic species and preserve the livelihoods that aquatic ecosystems provide us.Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

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Remember, “The Arctic Ocean is home to the rhinoceros and many groups of bowhead whales and beluga whales all year round.”

With information from the Government of Canada

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