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Broadcast Canadian matches on Videotron Center?

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Quebec democracy leader Jean Rousseau asks Quebec City to broadcast the Montreal Canadiens, in the Stanley Cup Final, at the Videotron Center.

We’re living in hockey fever with exceptional performances from the Montreal Canadiens. Yes, we want the Nordic countries back. We also want to enjoy the sight of Canadians participating in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1993. I ask the city to give hockey fans the opportunity to watch play-offs at the Videotron Center., informs Mr. Rousseau via a press release.

The candidate for mayor of Quebec cites the cities of Trois-Rivières, which broadcast matches in the Cogeco Coliseum with entertainment, and Montreal, which is currently evaluating the possibility of showing matches outdoors, to justify his request.

Videotron Center is available. You can enforce necessary physical distance rules with COVID. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy cheap cost, says Jean Rousseau.

Kojiko Stadium will host the Stanley Cup Finals.

Photo: Radio Canada / Pascal Langlois

The democracy Quebec leader also believes that activism should be free.

Let’s think of health service workers. Let’s book a portion of tickets for them. It would be a way to thank them for the work they have done during the pandemic.

More details to come

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